Mostly MN Music with Venus DeMars and theme for transportation songs

Such a treat to have Venus DeMars on the show today. Venus, lead singer of Venus DeMars and All the Pretty Horses. She’ll be playing at Palmers on August 26 and up in Duluth (Earth Rider) on Aug 27.

Venus has been breaking through the glass ceilings built over the trans community since 1988. She has smoothed a path for folks today. And I know that path isn’t always so smooth but it used to be rougher. If you want a glimpse of how hard it was and the impact of that environment, listen to her latest album, I Think the Darkness.

Our theme was transportation. You can listen to our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out what we actually played below. We didn’t get to as many songs as usual because we chatted so much.

Artist Song Release
Venus de Mars & All the Pretty Horses Hallo Spaceboy I Think the Darkness
Jeremy Messersmith The Commuter The Silver City
Porcupine Lifeboat The Trouble With You
Houston Interstate Life III
The Replacements Kiss Me on the Bus Tim
Soul Asylum Runaway Train Grave Dancers Union
Hüsker Dü Eight Miles High Eight Miles High / Makes No Sense At All – EP
Sam Cassidy Sleeper Car Debts
Little Man Ride Soulful Automatic
OziBattler 22 Long Hours
Dosh Ship Wreck The Lost Take
The Federales Girls in Trucks Honkytonks & Hangovers
Gear Daddies Zambonie Billy’s Live Bait
Rich Mattson and the Northstars In Flight Skylights
The Cactus Blossoms Stoplight Kisses You’re Dreaming
The Twilight Hours Sioux City Swinger Black Beauty


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