Mostly Minnesota Music with Monica LaPlante and Angry Themed Music

We were thrilled to have Monica LaPlante stop by to talk before her show next weekend playing Palmfest.

Monica is someone who seemed to thrive during the pandemic – or at least came out of it stronger. She came out with some great music, like Compression, which memorializes the loneliness we all felt and the joy we felt when we were able to get together again. Capturing the sound of the 1980s, it sounds like The Waitresses meet Styx and we learned that part of that might be in the ingredients. Monica found herself in possession of a “drum computer” from back in the day. No instructions provided and no experts around, so Monica took her time in solitude to figure it out and voila that classic new wavey sound.

Her music is part garge rock, part new wave, post punk and catchy. She brings a women’s perspective into song, which is to say she can tell you to go to hell in a way that just make you want to dance. And Hope You’re Alone has become a personal mantra I don’t even know I’m singing out loud half the time.

The theme for the day was angry songs; thanks for the many recommendations. We clearly struck a nerve. You can listen to our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out who we actually had time to play below:

Artist Song Release
Monica LaPlante Tinted Light Tinted Light – Single
Monica LaPlante Compression Quarantine – EP
Monica LaPlante Hope You’re Alone Noir
Space Hug That’s a Lie That’s a Lie – Single
yYy Keep Off the Lawn Aquadungeonafterdark
Jonny Darko Hell Symbolica
the 4onthefloor Stand Off Spirit of Minneapolis
Martin Devaney Nobody’s Saint September
Anthony Newes Crying Time In the Dark of the Sea – EP
Cindy Lawson Bite the Hand That Feeds Me Whoops Kitty
Her Crooked Heart Courthouse To Love to Leave to Live
Longshot & Lazerbeak Who Can I Trust (feat. Ang13) Spread Love
Faith Boblett Ugly Things Take Care
Corey Medina & Brothers Pawn Man (Rough Mix) Pawn Man (Rough Mix) [Rough Mix] – Single
Porch Knights Sharper Than Sin A Little Darkness to Get You Going
Dead Man Winter Destroyer Furnace
Soul Asylum Somebody to Shove Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum
Tina & the B-Sides Paper Doll The Last Polka
The Blind Shake I’m Not an Animal Seriousness
Metoompls Won’t Stop Me Now (feat. JØUR) Metoompls
Craig Paquette Faces in the Sand Won’t Last Forever
Dan Israel Question Dan Israel
Loki’s Folly No Right No Right – Single
Amanda Grace You’re Not Mine Please Dear Sun
Tragic Hands How and Why Pillow on the Sofa
Hüsker Dü It’s Not Funny Anymore Metal Circus
The Replacements Unsatisfied Let It Be

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