Monica LaPlante: Modern, retro and rocking at the Amsterdam

Monica LaPLante is mesmerizing to watch and even better to hear. Seeing the band brings me back to music and movies I loved in the 1980s but with a decidedly modern edge – like garage rock with a giant flat screen TV in the corner. Monica’s voice has a striking low tone that, like a drone you feel i your body even more than you hear. Her aesthetic punctuates the performance with the black and white and the blend of intensity and charm.

The band is amazing. There’s Austin Cecil on the drums, Orien Trenton on guitar and Christy Costello on bass. Each with their own personality, with buckets of talent and rowing in the same direction to play the best music. Austin seems quiet and steady behind the driving beats; Orien is a seems to not break a sweat while bringing up the tempo and Christy, who I loved back in the Pink Mink days and beyond brings an unswaying steadiness and amzing harmonies.

The songs are catchy and clever. I spent the first half of the year, humming Hope You’re Alone, until I heard Compression; it is an unusual and honest look at life during the pandemic. It was a chance to slow down and focus on what we really wanted to do but that chance to slow down lasted an awfully long time. Monica captures that ironic snapshot in time.

The video for Compression comes out August 26; I had a sneak peek and all I can say is – be sure to check it out! During the depths of COVID, I joked that it felt like being grounded; in a weird way the video takes on an element of that feeling but in fun way.

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