ELSKA on Bounty Hunters: music as a tool to start conversation on women’s rights

ELSKA has a beautiful voice that she uses to raises questions and topics that are controversial and important, such as Bounty Hunter, her latest song with a video coming out on September 16. She is performing at the Minnesota State Fair on August 29.

We spoke to ELSKA about her latest song. Bounty Hunter was written in response to the Texas Legislature passing the “Texas Heartbeat Act,” deputizing its citizens to become de facto bounty hunters, and encouraging them to file suit against anyone who helps a woman exercise her right to choose. It has only become more important since the Supreme Court opinion overturned Roe v. Wade.

ELSKA recognizes the layers of issues that these changes have introduced: the loss of reproductive rights, which is an opening to loss of more bodily autonomy as well as setting up a vigilantism that pits citizens against other citizens based on ideology. And the way the law is written, it sets up bounty hunters to target people they suspect to be pregnant or to have had an abortion (and those who help them) with impunity if they are a wrong and a potential reward of $10,000 if they are right. It’s a slippery slope to a divided society. The song is a gentle impetus to further conversation, which could have the power to unite us again.

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