Mae Simpson against Mother Nature at Hook and Ladder – Mae wins

There’s a reason we go to see live music – the community, the surprises and the energy. Mae Simpson, with the help from a serious summer thunderstorm, brought it all to the Hook and Ladder last night. The show was a debut of sort of her latest single Goodbye. It’s catchy tune leaning more pop than earlier songs and showcases Mae’s strong voice and passion.

The show was a mix of old favorites like Smile and newer material, like Monsters, which always leaves me with a feeling for the Lumineers. There were some planned surprises, such as the addition of Parker Rose, a 12 year old with an amazing voice who joined Mae for a couple songs. I love to see the generosity when artists take time on their own stage to introduce the audience to new performers and they sounded fantastic together.

There were some unplanned surprises, like a sudden torrential rain burst. The show took a break, which was a fun time to meet your neighbors and solidify the community but after 15 minutes, we were back in action. Mae came back even stronger and it meant the show lasted longer, so from the audience perspective is was all winning. Mae has a presence on stage that is joyful and inclusive. It feels like everyone is her friend and by extension we’re all friends. (Mae is ready to hit the road to spread the joy of Minnesota music, but she needs help repairing a van – if you have a spare tire or dollar to share.)

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