MN New Music Video: Best If I Forget by Doyle Turner

Doyle Turner is busy these days with a new video, new album and two album release shows. The first happening last weekend in Bemidji; the next is September 24 at The 318 Café in Excelsior.

We’re pleased to share his new video, Best If I Forget. It’s melancholy in ethos and easy going in tune. It’s about a breakup and that time we spend wondering if that person will remember us. It’s touching with a lighter feel in the music.

The video was filmed and edited by Eli Gardiner and features Molly Turner and Ted Hajnasiewicz. The action vacillates between live music in an arty coffee house and someone “sending bad news in writing.” It’s straightforward and meaningful.

Best if I Forget is on Doyle’s new album, Sweet, Difficult Sounds, which again will be leased (again) on September 24.

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