New MN Music Video: Robbie by Elyse Jones with a show at the Icehouse on Sep 22

Robbie by Elyse Jones is poppy and upbeat and makes you smile. If you like this, you can see more at Elyse’s Canvas Album Release Show at the Icehouse on September 22. She will be playing with Allie McIntosh, who we spoke with in January 2021. Should be a great show!

You can hear elements of Soul, Pop, R&B, and Funk in Elyse’s music. The theme is about unadulterated young love. That feeling of being all in and head over heals with no concern for what might happen in the future. It’s uplifting. It reminds me of the sort of music we used to love in the 1980’s!

The video is filmed at Bunker’s in Minneapolis. It’s a live performance video. Elyse’s energy comes across in full colors, even on the video.

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