Dan Israel’s latest album and release show at the Hook and Ladder are Seriously … Good

A good time was had by all at the album release for Dan Israel’s latest work – Seriously. The Mission Room at the Hook and Ladder was full and swaying. So many long-time fans and fellow musicians. The music was rocking.

Dan has a sound that is reminiscent of classic rock greats such as Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. I’d say that even if he didn’t do a few fun covers of them last night. His voice has that low edge that steams up the room and the songs have an upbeat vibe, even when the lyrics might not be entirely upbeat. Happy For Now is one of those songs where the melody is happier than the words, although the song is hopeful in its way.

The songs are about the ups and down of relationships and how we try to traverse them in a way that is respectful to ourselves and those around us. Set Each Other Free is bittersweet but resolved step toward a sad but probably better place. Whereas How Do I? is heartwarming and envy-inspiring but again hopeful.

The show included some old songs and covers. Dan had a formidable band behind him (drummer David J. Russ, bassist Mike Lane, and guitar wizard Steve Brantseg ) and a few from the audience hop on stage. The community feel was palpable and danceable!

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