Mostly MN Music with Preston Gunderson – theme voting

Such a delight to have  Preston Gunderson in the studio to talk to us about his latest release, Fall.

Preston’s album release at the Southern Theater was a classy affair. Turns out he’s pretty classy in the small studio at WMCN too. It’s so easy to listen to his gorgeous voice; it fills any space. His latest album is about going through hard times and using them to become stronger and recognizing that sometimes stronger means letting yourself be vulnerable. His music is touching!

You can listen to the aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out what we actually played below.

Artist Song Release
Molly Maher Run Run Run Follow
Dead Man Winter Weight of the World Furnace
Haley Bonar I Can Change Impossible Dream
Eli Gardiner The Right and the Wrong The Right and the Wrong – Single
Jimbo Mathus Stonewall (1863) These 13
Faith Boblett I Don’t Wanna Get Arrested Take Care
Barrel Flash A Mighty Ocean A Guide to Dancing Alone
26 BATS! holy ultimatum // ARROWS Portal Party
Colin Bracewell Making Me Crazy Making Me Crazy – Single
Ryan and Pony Start Making Sense Moshi Moshi
Longshot & Lazerbeak Keep Fighting Spread Love
The Bad Man Police TV Flying Couch
The Jayhawks One Man’s Problem Rainy Day Music
Pleasure Horse Reasons Pleasure Horse
Low Hey Hey What
Jeremy Messersmith We All Do Better When We All Do Better 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs For Ukulele: A Micro Folk Record For the 21st Century and Beyond
The Cactus Blossoms No More Crying the Blues You’re Dreaming
Turn Turn Turn Can’t Go Back Can’t Go Back
Amanda B. Perry Change My Time
Howler America America Give Up
The Roe Family Singers Don’t Worry About the Rich Man Don’t Worry About the Rich Man – Single

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