Mostly Minnesota with Dan Israel – and songs about time

Great to have a friend like Dan Israel on the show and to have him play live – especially after catching the album release at the Hook and Ladder last week.

The new album is  Seriously … good. The songs are about relationships, which means anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of a relationship will relate. There’s also an undercurrent and travel. Turns out Dan drove to Seattle and back during the pandemic. Must have been an interesting trip; it led to some great songs. Also just fun to catch up with what he’s been doing and the many shows he has coming up in the next couple weeks.

The theme for the day was time; you can listen to our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out what we actually played below:

Artist Song Release
Maygen Lacey Anytime Moonshine
Chastity Brown Slow Time Back-Road Highways
Rachel Kurtz Not Another Day Love, Rachel Kurtz
Thomas Nordlund Ensenada Nights Divide Avenue
Mayda Moments Mrdr Pxp
Kiss the Tiger Weekend Vicious Kid
Alexander Craig When Times Are Hard When Times Are Hard – Single
Howler I Told You Once This One’s Different – EP
Green / Blue In Time Paper Thin
Katy Vernon Wasting Time Before I Forget
Jason Chaffee Sleepin’ Late and Drinking Early Sleepin’ Late and Drinking Early – Single
Timbre Ghost Twilight The Great Northern
PARISHES Two Watches Bring On The . . .
Ondara Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday Folk n’ Roll Vol. 1: Tales Of Isolation
Henry Louris Just Like Before Just Like Before – Single
Al Church Night Drive Night Games
The Jayhawks Save it for a Rainy Day Rainy Day Music
Atmosphere Yesterday When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Reina del Cid All Time Low Morse Code
Zoo Animal Out and About Zoo Animal
Folios Count the Sunrise Dispatch
Low Tomorrow One A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities

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