5 Questions with Annie Fitzgerald on Anam Cara and upcoming show on Feb 18

We have had a few chats with Annie Fitzgerald in the past. She is as lovely as her her music and as thoughtful and layered. Her latest song Anam Cara is uplifting; it reminds me of my time in Ireland when sometimes you learn to appreciate the light during those short, dark days. We wanted to learn more about the new single.

Please tell us about the concept of Anam Cara.

“Anam” is the Gaelic word for soul, and “Cara” for friend. It has ties to Celtic religion and spirituality. An Anam Cara in the Celtic tradition was an essential part of spiritual development. It’s a compassionate presence in your life. Ralph Waldo Emerson talked of soul friendship in his essay the “Two Pillars of Friendship” by saying “Let the soul be assured that somewhere in the universe it should rejoin its friend.” I love that.

Is there inspiration for the song? Or maybe I want to ask who is (or are) your Anam Cara?

When I first read about the concept of Anam Cara, it was during a time of big transition for me personally. I began to meditate on and see clearly the places that feel like home, and specifically the people that give me space to come home to myself. My Anam Cara’s showed up during that time and reminded me that when we are truly given a space to be witnessed wholly and fully without pretense or judgment, the portals that open up for healing are profound. This song is a reminder to me to root into the safe places where there is deep knowing & trust. It’s a chance to honor each Anam Cara I’ve encountered in this life and beyond.

I Know That Sound is one of my favorite songs off the #METOOMPLS album; it is gorgeous but chilling. Anam Cara is also gorgeous but with a peace and lightness to it. The idea that you know that you will be seen is enviably fulfilling. Will we hear that joy in future songs as well? Rumor has it more are coming.

Thank you so much for the kind words about “I Know That Sound”. I think that the chill-factor comes in because of the subject matter we all wrote about for #MeTooMpls. That song also came from a very personal place for me. When I sit down to write, it is a place and space for me to process and heal. Anam Cara was also a healing song for me. It acknowledged the space I was allowed at that time and the container it created for the healing that I had to do within. That space free from judgement, and full of love and acceptance is the gift. I do have a few more singles yet to be released, and a possible EP in the works! I would say that yes, they are lighter like Anam Cara. There is more joy because I am in a more joyful place.

Tell us about work as a sound therapist and Full Moon Majik. How do those ventures impact your songwriting?

I have been so grateful to step into sound therapy work, and to facilitate groups such as Full Moon Magik. I am able to use different aspects of sound to help calm peoples nervous systems, to help them go within and bring awareness to the parts of them that need some attention. With Full Moon Magik, I add in astrology as a tool for self-awareness, and hold space with my friend and co-facilitator Dawn Marian for people to be witnessed. The community aspect is so important too, for all the reasons. There is a synergy to all of the work that I’m doing that I’m grateful for. I believe in growth and even though it can be really difficult, I’m here for it.

Please tell us about your upcoming shows:

This weekend I’m playing the concert series at The Roots Cellar in Minneapolis, on Saturday February 18th at 7pm. It’s been a long time since I’ve played my songs for people, and to be honest, I’ve been getting a bit emotional rehearsing for this one! I don’t have a ton of shows on the books until late Spring/early Summer, and can’t wait to be in community with everyone and share stories and music and connect. All of the details and the ticket link can be found at www.anniefitzgerald.com/events.

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