Collide Theater’s Skol celebrates fierce Viking gender equity in dance

Collide Theatrical Dance Company’s Skol is a dance about a chapter in Viking history. It has a Shakespearean plot, that starts with love gone wrong takes many turns that involve history and relationships, jealousy, sorrow and joy. Skol also takes on gender equity by following the story of a female Viking warrior, which is inspired by the real story of remains found of a Viking woman with battle injuries.

I have enjoyed shows by Collide in the past. They tackle (football pun intended) difficult issues through dance. This show was different; it had an entirely new score written by Mike Michel (Orange Goodness) and follows story with a traditional plot that is presented through narrators (Katie Gearty and Rush Benson) and the dance.  The lyrics provide enough information to follow the plot, while the music and the dance punctuate the emotion. It’s a powerful approach.

The dance, especially during the fights scenes is exquisite. Everyone fights. The women aren’t sheltered or given super-human powers. They fight, in equity, with male counterparts. In fact, they do a great job showing how each body shape and size has an inherent strength, especially when everyone works together. It is a microcosm of the show and the ethos of gender equity.

The music sets the tone throughout, helping to travel to different locations as well as through time. The costumes and props are simple but effective.

The show is at the Southern Theater until April 9, 2023.

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