Scarlet Goodbye at the Icehouse – show how Hope’s Eternal

The Scarlet Goodbye has been dubbed the most unusual pairing in music. But it turns out it’s a winning combination with Dan Murphy, founding member of hard rocking Soul Asylum and Golden Smog and Jeff Arundel, a more mellow, story-telling musician. And they just keep getting better.

It’s been more than a year since their inaugural concert. Their album is out as well as their latest video (below). Last night at the Icehouse, they proved again that sometimes we all need an unusual pairing. What impressed me last night was the rock ‘n roll take on some grownup themes – from aging parents to remembrances of past crushes to a look back at the pandemic.

The slowness and violins in Minor Things in a Major Key heighten the sadness of the song in a refreshing catharsis. Listening to Paris feels like a conversation between Dan and Jeff. You can hear who is speaking by the tone and tempo and the conversation gets best when they are talking at the same time. We also got a sneak peek at some new music, which gets me excited to hear more.

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