MN Video Premiere: It’s Like a Rock by Christy Merry

So pleased to share a new video from Christy MerryIt’s Like a Rock. The single releases April 7, so this is a rare treat. The song is torch-singer sexy, with a slow burn. The video includes zoom-shots of the musicians intermingled with videos of volcanoes. (Musicians include Noah Levy on drums,  Aaron Fabbrini in upright bass, Kyle Tennis on electric guitar, Eric Songer on trumpet and trombone and Vibraphone: Matt Patrick on vibraphone. It’s very literal, which punctuates the idea that while the song and the sentiment may be red hot, it’s going to cool. Christy has that sardonic animation that hits the perfect note.

I look forward to talking with Merry more today at 3pm on the radio show. You can listen in online or watch the interview on Facebook.

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