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Christy Merry is showing us a new facet of herself in her latest single, It’s Like Rock. It’s a jazzy, sultry torch song. Her voice has an aspirated edge that gives her a whole new sound. This is the first of several songs she plans to release a new single a month through July, when she just might have an actual CD. Fun to learn more about the song and her process and approach to music.

I was able to archive the show this week but then the someone locked the room to the computer so no better off than last week.  But you can listen to the aspirational Spotify playlist or check out the list of songs I actually played below.

Artist Song Release
Christy Merry Reach for Me here for you – EP
Matt Wilson & his Orchestra When I Was a Writer When I Was a Writer
POLIÇA Fold Up When We Stay Alive
Annie Humphrey Prison Writings No. 21 The Sound of Ribbons
Haters Club Persephone RIYH – EP
Superior Siren Love Poem Kill Your Darlings – EP
Koo Koo Kanga Roo Ink Slow Clap
Products Ink Pink Puma
Nur-D The Epilouge Songs About Stuff
Erik Koskinen Broken Hearts and Love Letters (Live) Live At the Real Phonic Radio Hour: 2011-2015
theyself Road Side Poems 1500 – EP
Low Words I Could Live In Hope
Bob Dylan Ballad of a Thin Man Highway 61 Revisited
Walt Mink Miss Happiness Goodnite
Prince Alphabet St. Indigo Nights / Live Sessions
Semisonic Chemistry All About Chemistry
Doyle Turner Run A Little Faster (feat. Dave Novak & Sarah Morris) Run A Little Faster (feat. Dave Novak & Sarah Morris) – Single
Hüsker Dü Books About Ufo’s Do You Remember Radio?
Katy Tessman Hero Now Crowned (feat. Nikki Lemire) Hero Now Crowned (feat. Nikki Lemire) – Single
The Immaculate Beings P.S. I’d Miss You If You Were Gone Mental Space.


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