5 Questions with Socktopus on latest release Breakfast in Bed

Socktopus has a fun poppy hip-hop. There songs are clever and they are celebrating the release of their second album, Breakfast in Bed. Big thanks to the band for telling us more about themselves. I just might have to check them out live May 21 at the Turf Club.

Please tell us about your band.

We’re a 5 piece pop/hip-hop group that began making music together in the spring of 2021. Like most bands, we started by just hanging out in a “could be cleaner” basement. Since then, we’ve played quite a few shows, added another member, and refined our sound. We just released our second album, “Breakfast In Bed,” and plan to play some cool shows this summer!

There is an element of humor in many of your songs. Is that intentional or does it just happen?

I think the humor just happens naturally. One of my favorite parts about the band is being able to just goof around with my friends, especially during music videos and album cover photoshoots. All the lightheartedness definitely bleeds into the music.

What inspired you to do a whole song and video about Iced Mocha Latte?

It was a hot day when I was visiting the Massachusetts coastline and I had a hankering for a nice cold drink. After purchasing my delicious artisan beverage, I walked past an old cemetery with razor thin headstones (you could cut a potato in half on these things). Something about that place spoke to me, maybe it was the spooky New England willow trees, so I jotted down the chorus on some scrap paper I had in my backpack. We polished off the song the following autumn. I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone but, to be honest, I’m more of a hot mocha kind of guy.

I love Corn Belt, in part because I’m a sucker for anything that celebrates Minnesota. Aside from inspiring such a song, how does being from/in Minnesota influence your music.

I think the contrast of the Minnesota seasons lends itself to an occasional bittersweet feeling in our music. The darker stuff stems from the long winter, while the upbeat goofy stuff is fueled by the summer. Apart from that, the beautiful landscape and wonderful people give us a lot of inspiration as well. I’m probably biased, but I really love this place and the people around it. I’m quite lucky to be here even though the potholes right now could literally swallow me whole.

Can people see you playing around town? Or what’s the best way to reach you?

We’ll be playing around the Twin Cities a couple times this summer, as well as some other places in the Midwest. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed as shows pop up, reach out to us at kleis.mngmt@gmail.com or send us a message through our social medias. I believe our next show will be at the Turf Club on May 21st, come through and check it out!

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