MN Music Video Premiere: Don’t Come Crying to Me by Cindy Lawson

We are delighted to premiere Don’t Come Crying to Me by Cindy Lawson. It’s rocking, it’s home grown and it’s all about the band. Recorded on the little stage in the big room of the Hook and Ladder, it makes me think they should host a series of videos there. It feels like a Saturday night.

You can catch the band live at the single release party at the White Squirrel on April 15 with The Unnamed and Rebecca Fritz.

Cindy brings her special brand of girl power. It’s fun to see the whole band doing what they do best and while that stage had to be cozy, it does make is easier to see every smirk and snarl. This is the song that could be the soundtrack to getting over a bad time in the way that give you a boost of girl power that makes the trip worth it.

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