5 Questions with Jillian Rae about her new song Barely Breathing releasing April 28

Jillian Rae has new single coming out on April 28 (2023). Barely Breathing is gorgeous and it captures all of the emotions of the last three years in one very melodious exhale. Sounds like it’s a sign of sounds to come … but after it debuts on April 28, we might have to wait a hot minute. Luckily good things come to those who wait! And for those who don’t want to wait, we have a sneak peek at Barely Breathing:

Music is so funny. Barely Breathing sounds so upbeat or builds to being progressively upbeat, yet the lyrics are tear-inducing. How did it make you feel to write? And to play?:

Oh, I was feeling all of the feelings when I wrote that tune. And I still tear up a little when I sing it, sometimes. Yet, it makes me smile. This is one of the most cathartic tracks I have ever created, that’s for sure!

You’ve been through a lot in the last few years – some shared experiences (pandemic) and some unique to you. Are more emotional songs to follow?

Oh, yes! A resounding yes.

You just finished an amazing European sabbatical. From the outside it looks like your trip was like a breath of fresh air – as opposed to barely breathing. (Thanks for sharing pictures on social media – they always made me smile in envy!) Were you writing music? How is writing on sabbatical different?

What a great question! First of all, thank you for following along on my Sabbatical Adventure. It really was a magical time. Equal parts “breath of fresh air” and “hard as hell.” It was a healing journey, in many ways. Secondly, I was indeed writing music out there! That was one of the main inspirations behind the sabbatical- to carve out time to focus on my own music, first and foremost. Which sounds like that should be “the norm” for a professional musician, I know. But the truth is, it had become all too easy for me to put my own art on the back burner for the bajillions of other projects and musical work that I do. I got to a point where it seemed like getting out of my “regular everyday life” and taking a sabbatical was the only way forward for me. Breaking out of the old comfort zone. And time zone!

Was there any music overseas that struck you? Music we might hear hints of in songs to come?

Well, I was living in a mid-sized Spanish city for the last three months. So, traditional and pop Spanish radio was what I was hearing mostly. (Other than my own iTunes and streaming platforms, of course. Absolutely fell in love with the new Boy Genius and Feist records, holy wow!) I definitely didn’t set out to write any Spanish flavours into my new music intentionally, but I suppose one never knows! You will have to tell me down the road if you hear any Spanish or Flamenco vibes in my tunes.

Do you have any shows or events coming up you can share?

Nope. Nada! Nothing in the immediate future to share. This summer will be mostly about writing, arranging, rehearsing, and recording. I have a small handful of JRae shows in the twin cities scattered across the summer, beginning in June. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for those and make sure you get yourself out there! I guess this year I am unintentionally “less accessible.” (haha) My summer performances are gonna be a big special hairy deal.

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