New MN Music Video: Heck & Away by Leslie Rich with an EP release on May 21 at the Icehouse

Leslie Rich is releasing a new, solo EO (Jumpstart) at the Icehouse on May 21. It is the soundtrack to Leslie’s teen and preteen years. It is a tumultuous time for many of us, but Leslie has some unique challenges. He’s giving us a sneak peek of the EP with the lyric video for Heck & Away, a song from the new collection. It was triggered by the memory of his dad trying to jumpstart a worn-out motorcycle. A motorcycle that would likely be used to drive away. You can hear the admiration of the child but also the questioning. Those preteen years are the time you realize that your family may be different. Or at least we’re not all the same. It’s a formative time and the song somehow holds that weight lyrically while remaining light in tune. Makes me excited for the rest of the songs!

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