Deborah Savran – My Heart Lead the Way at the Warming House

deborah-savranSunday night, first serious snow of the season, kids need a million things and there’s a snow emergency that I’m sure not to get right in Minneapolis. It doesn’t set the stage for a great night but that didn’t slow down the very positive music of Deborah Savran and after all it was a chance to sneak a peek at The Warming House.

I walked in a little late but just in time for Change, off the new album Let My Heart Lead The Way. I was reminded of some of the music of unbridled optimism I listened to as a kid in the 70s. That image was cemented when she started Be Love, with a ukulele, melodica and plenty of harmonies. It’s not quite religious (although there was a song called Angel) but feels like the soundtrack to a journey of acceptance (or appreciation) to celebrating The Woman I Am.

The Warming House was the perfect backdrop for the night that was in it. It’s a listening room in a basement of a residential neighborhood. The wood is gorgeous. Cell coverage stinks, but that’s OK there’s an open WiFI network. It’s cozy and distraction free for an intimate show.

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