International language of Women raising voices with Sarah Larsson of The Nightingale Trio

I am so pleased to include music from The Nightingale Trio on the Women’s March playlist. They bring old stories to new light in songs from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. I enjoyed my conversation with Sarah Larsson from the band. We talked about the impact of the Women’s March and the #MeToo movement on life in and out of music. We both agreed that we grownups are really learning a lot from the next generation – especially some very powerful young women of color. Our job may be to set the stage for them.

It was also fun to talk about where we are in women’s history. Sarah told me about Na Dvore Dozhd, a Russian song of solidarity among women about being married off. Traditionally women were married off and moved to the towns of their betrothed, often very far away. The chorus translates into when it rains, it pours. There’s a resignation in the sentiment that we wouldn’t see today. We may have a long way to go – but we’ve also come a long way!

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