Mostly MN Music with Katy Vernon & Anna Stine

We had a wonderful show today and I could just cry because I didn’t push record in time. So the best parts of the show – the interviews with Anna Stine and Katy Vernon aren’t on the archive. BUT I have videos of each of them singing. It’s such a treat to have people play music the studio and we were twice blessed today.

My guest cohost was my daughter Aine. That was fun. We started nearly out of the gate with Anna Stine. She released her first album last fall – Company of Now. I think she sounds a little bit like Bobbie Gentry (Ode to Billy Joe). Her voice is so pretty. It was fun to hear about her experience as a musical therapist. She recently quit her day job to pursue music (performance/art) full time. It’s always exciting to meet someone who is taking such a big step and she is right to do it. She’s going to be great. She just finished a tour of the West Coat, she’s playing in town a ton and about to embark on another tour.

Anna is playing Mar 9 at the Troubadour and Mar 10 at the Aster. And she has a big show coming up on March 25 with Lowland Hum at the Moon Palace.

Next we had Katy Vernon, whose CD (Suit of Hearts) is coming out March 23 with a big hurrah at the Parkway Theater. Katy haven’t known each other very long but I am so impressed by her. In the promotional video for her upcoming CD release she has a quote from Alice in Wonderland – I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. We talked about that line.

First I learned that Lewis Carroll spent in Brighton and so did Katy. She went there for a 9 day writing retreat. She learned about a secret-ish tunnel from Carroll’s to the see and at one point he saw a rabbit (presumably white rabbit!) running into the tunnel. And that fit into her song Undertow, a song I liked before and love now. But it was great to hear from Katy how the quote fits into her own life – how she has recovered from depression and substance addiction to a better place.

I met Katy one night as we both volunteered to interview people experiencing homeless for  three-year survey of a night on the streets in the Twin Cities. She has heard about it from a social post of mine and then there she was – after midnight at the bus transit at the Mall of America. So that’s not much about her singing, but it’s a lot about her songs and her humanity. One of the monikers I love for Katy is “sad songs on a happy instrument” and it’s very true. But we talked about how that’s less true than it once was – it feels some of the sunshine from the ukulele in sneaking into the lyrics! I really enjoy her music – it’s hard not to dance even when the dark tones take over the theme.

Playlist (more planned than actual)

Timestamp Duration Artist Song Release Released
10:06:26 AM 3:40 The 4onthefloor King Of The Jungle Spirit Of Minneapolis 2013
10:09:24 AM 3:58 Communist Daughter Heart Attack Lions & Lambs – EP 2012
10:10:14 AM 1:58 Jeremy Messersmith Everybody Gets a Kitten 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs for Ukulele: A Micro Folk Record for the 21St Century and Beyond 2017
10:10:15 AM 1:58 Jeremy Messersmith Everybody Gets a Kitten 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs for Ukulele: A Micro Folk Record for the 21St Century and Beyond 2017
10:11:13 AM 4:18 Roma di Luna Porcupine Then the Morning Came 2010
10:11:32 AM 3:31 Cloud Cult Running With the Wolves Light Chasers 2010
10:11:51 AM 3:32 Haley Bonar Tiger Boy Big Star 2007
10:12:12 AM 3:08 Haley Bonar Fox and Hound Lure the Fox 2009
10:12:34 AM 3:52 Chastity Brown Honey Bee Long Way
10:12:57 AM 4:00 Charlie Parr Dog Dog 2017
10:13:22 AM 5:53 Trampled By Turtles Wild Animals Wild Animals 2014
10:13:53 AM 4:17 Rogue Valley The Wolves and the Ravens False Floors 2011
10:14:17 AM 2:09 Kitten Forever The Hawk Semi-Permanent
10:14:37 AM 1:53 Hüsker Dü How to Skin a Cat New Day Rising 1985
10:14:53 AM 4:28 Frankie Lee Horses American Dreamer 2016
10:15:26 AM 2:44 Molly Maher Chicken / No Bone Merry Come Up 2011
10:15:53 AM 4:01 BNLX Peacock Throne Lp 2013
10:16:29 AM 3:26 The Cactus Blossoms Change Your Ways or Die You’re Dreaming 2018
10:16:56 AM 3:03 The 4Onthefloor Lionhearted 4X4 2011
10:17:23 AM 3:28 Mayda Quick As a Dove The Stereotype EP 2007
10:17:50 AM 10:10 The Big Wu Kangaroo Tracking Buffalo through the Bathtub 2001
10:18:15 AM 3:35 Palmer T. Lee Fat Barred Owl Winebringer 2019
10:18:51 AM 2:44 The Blind Shake I’m Not an Animal Seriousness 2011
10:18:55 AM 2:44 The Blind Shake I’m Not an Animal Seriousness 2011
10:19:22 AM 3:33 Frankie Lee Buffalo American Dreamer 2016
10:19:44 AM 3:53 The Lowland Lakers High Horses Lost in the Move 2018
10:21:21 AM 3:27 Black Eyed Snakes Chicken Bone George It’s the Black Eyed Snakes 2005


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