Celebrate Minnesota Women Musicians with Women’s March MN on WMCN Mar 9 & Mar 16

In January, Heather and I recorded a podcast that is part Mostly MN Music and part Women’s March Minnesota. (We are both involved in both organizations.) It is going to be on the radio in two parts on Saturday March 9 and Saturday March 16 from 2-3 pm. If you’re near Macalester College in St Paul, you can listen on the radio at 91.7 fm.

If aren’t in the listening range, and that will be most of you, you can listen live online on WMCN (same times). Or you can get the preview below. It includes music that we posted to the Women’s March Minnesota soundtrack – to play during the very cold march this year. We also were able to interview a number of local musicians. Here’s a list of which interviews will play on which days:

March 9:

March 16:

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