Mostly MN Radio Hour with Lena Elizabeth and Ryan and Pony

I screwed up and now we don’t have a SoundCloud archive of Saturday’s show. I’m pretty mad at myself but there you go.

We started the day with Lena Elizabeth. She plays the baritone ukulele. Great instrument. I’m so pleased that I did capture one of the three songs she played for us. Her music can be dark in theme – but lovely. And who doesn’t love a little dark. Look forward to her video release party on June 13 at the Icehouse.

We also had Ryan and Pony. They could have a page of their own chapter in the Minnesota History books with their history with Mark Mallman, Soul Asylum, Mellismatics and more. Fun to hear about how they make music together and how their daughter is getting involved too – at age four! Look forward to seeing them on June 26 play with Loki’s Folly for their CD release at First Ave.

Theme for the day was shopping, shops and stores in honor of Record Store Day. You can download the playlist from Spotify or see the list below. As always, the list of more aspirational than actual!



Artist Song  
8:48:41 PM The Hold Steady Southtown Girls
8:49:00 PM Har Mar Superstar Lady, You Shot Me
8:49:40 PM Mason Jennings Sorry Signs On Cash Machines
8:49:58 PM Bad Bad Hats Super America
8:50:31 PM Happy Apple The Express Lane Really Isn’t All That Fast
8:52:25 PM Cows Uptown Suckers
8:52:50 PM Hüsker Dü Industrial Grocery Store (Live)
8:53:18 PM Paul Westerberg Mannequin Shop
8:54:21 PM Jeremy Messersmith Death Bed Salesman
8:54:47 PM Guante You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing (Prod. Ganzobean)
8:55:08 PM Caroline Smith Buy Me Something
8:55:31 PM The Replacements I’ll Buy
8:56:05 PM Joe Kopel Help Me
8:56:41 PM Koerner, Ray & Glover Red Cross Store
8:57:01 PM The Last Revel Garage Sale
8:57:56 PM Prince Raspberry Beret
8:58:15 PM Trip Shakespeare Snow Days
8:58:54 PM Dillinger Four The Great American Going Out Of Business Sale
8:59:30 PM Ryan and Pony Fast as I Can
8:59:42 PM Ryan and Pony Low
9:00:01 PM 360 Money (feat. Sydnee Carter)
9:00:15 PM Charlie Parr Cheap Wine


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