Mostly Minnesota Music with Hope Country and The Jolly Pops

Such a fun show today! We have Brent Johnson from Hope County stop by today – to talk about wrestling, politics and joy. You know the usual. It was fun to talk to Brent. He’s very down to earth. It’s great to meet someone who knows how to balance time and money! And he played a few songs for us. If you’re looking for someone to follow on Instagram or Facebook – Hope County would be a good call. Brent does random videos that are like a little sabbatical in your head for a minute.

We also had Billy Hartong from The Jolly Pops stop by to spin some tunes. The Jolly Pops are happy dad who play fun songs for kids, we heard some pop, 70s rocker and everything in between. And it was great to hear what a replanted Minnesotan (originally from NY) thinks of the Minnesota music scene. (Spoiler alert – it made us proud!) Gotta kid, you should check out their chock a block schedule and check them out.

The theme was celebration – in honor of my birthday last week and 4th of July next week. Theme tomorrow is red, white and blue. Send us any recommendations!

Download the playlist from Spotify (more aspirational than actual) and listen to the archived show below.

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