Anna Stine video release – I’ll Go There

The best thing about the radio show – making friends and watching the awesome things they do. Anna Stine was on the show (with Katy Vernon) back in March. Aine (age 14) was my cohost that week. And what I remember most was that Aine was enthralled with Anna’s music.

So just in time for Aine’s birthday, Anna comes out with a gorgeous video release.

I love the story of the making of the video because it proves what I have often said – you can take a Minnesotan out of the snow but you can’t take the snow out of a Minnesotan. The video was filmed in Southern California over the course of four days. In line with the theme of the song, Anna and her video crew were faced with many unexpected twists and turns that required a trusting adaptability. The unexpected weather patterns often experienced in the mountains led to some surprising moments of magic. While shooting in Angeles National Forest, what was looking to be a sunny day of filming quickly turned into a severe snow storm!

In the end, nature and art both win and we get the prize of an amazing new video!

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