Meg Kirsch plays Aster – Sweet and swirly

Meg Kirsch is a small pebble making a big splash in the middle of some burly guys on stage. The image of her counters the sound. Her voice is sweet. It’s almost country. Not twangy but with that country honesty. She plays guitar and was backed by another guitar, bass and guitar.

While her voice has a pure, straightforward edge, the instruments can border on psychedelic, which always makes me think swirly. The instruments swirl and lift her up. They are darker than her vocals and it creates a balance. The lyrics are somewhere in between – there was a line about nothing hurts if you don’t. Very thoughtful.

I especially enjoyed Hometown. It’s drum forward or drum led. It has a familiar sound, comfortable and easy to listen to – which is funny because many of her other songs required more attention, in the best way. But I only realized that when things settled into Hometown. I like music that stretches your ears and I think Meg does this with the contrast of dark and sweet and swirls.

We got a sneak preview of new material with Gin and Soda. Very vocals were really sharp. I look forward to hearing more.

I am excited to report that Meg will be on the Mostly Minnesota Music radio show next Sunday. Rumor has it that Meg picked up a guitar and googled how to play after nearly a decade of composing lyrics to Kenny G cassette tapes. I’ve got to learn more about that!

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