From Alice and Chains to the Buzzcocks – Savage Moods brings us eclectic rock

Saturday night Savage Moods released their latest album, Dark Matters at the Icehouse. I was lucky enough to talk to them two weeks before when they were on the Mostly MN Music radio show; I learned how smart and funny they were. I heard the latest album and the stories behind a few of the songs. But I wasn’t really prepared for the live show.

They are performers. Drummer Anthony Gore spins the drumsticks adeptly as he plays. Jimmy Osterholt, on the bass looks the part, hits the notes and knows how to celebrate his birthday! (With a CD release.) And there’s Ben Hovorka, a solid singer who sings dark like before it was dark. And the driving force is nonstop. You’ll want to have your Gatorade before dancing all night with this crew.

I know this will be helpful to very few readers, but the performance reminded me of a rock pub in Dublin called Bruxelles, home to the Phil Lynnott statue off Grafton Street. Bruxelles is three bars in one. In the basement is a heavy, heavy metal. Next floor is more popular 80s, 90s classic rock. Upstairs is more of a sports pub. It’s got everything for everyone – and that’s what I see with Savage Moods a wide range of influence, from Alice and Chains to the Buzzcocks, sometimes in the same song!

They opened with Neighborhood; it’s dark and almost noisy or ambient. Ben sings, slowly and eerily. The song commands attention. It’s a great opener.  From that to upbeat, Cult-like Rainbow Eyes. It’s got that awesome 80s flare and a great key change just at the end. Lucid Dream is a favorite of mine. It’s drum forward with much sound a great bass rift. It’s like a fast-paced marathon.

And as I learned when they were on the radio show, the first 500 CDs sold come with a mini Tarot card deck. I love that idea. (You can listen to the show to hear Ben read my future with the cards.)


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