Kara Laudon: Old Lives resurrecting in song

Kara Laudon released her second CD, Old Lives, at the Parkway on Friday night. It was a gorgeous show – the visuals, the sound, the ambiance. And then I got to talk to her about the show on the radio the next morning. What a treat.

It was funny to hear that she had been nervous for the show she seemed so calm and in control on stage. The first thing I noticed was the quiet between the notes, the white space on stage. It take a real confidence to leave those spaces unfilled but when an artist can I think that’s when the listener can become part of the song. The audience fills in the space for themselves. They own it too. It’s a generosity of open ended collaboration.

Kara’s voice is crystalline with range. There’s an aspiration in her voice that makes it feel as if it might break. It seems so vulnerable, until the next note when the range turns around it’s strong. And then to realize that Kara is completely in control both when vulnerable and strong.

The music has a chill 70s vibe and the musicians she had on stage, which were also the musicians on the album, were strong support. I always enjoy seeing a women, especially a young women, get supported in such a way. It shows good leadership on her part.

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