Violent gratitude to Maybe Nebraska for talking about music and avocations

We miss the radio but we’ve learned that online we can talk as long we want and we can drop an f-bomb when necessary. In the era of COVID-19, that freedom is important!

Tonight we spoke to Kelley Larson and Mikaela Jensen of Maybe Nebraska. It’s fun to see the passion and dedication of smart women who are doing what they love for the love of it. Playing music together is their avocation, not their 9 to 5. They met at the open mic at Plum’s, found a shared love of pop music and learned that they both enjoyed playing music together.

I love their approach. They said they start their shows by letting folks know that mistakes will be made and that they should just roll with them because that’s what they planned to do. What  a great lesson to teach an audience! Better to be out and doing than worried about perfection.

We heard some great stories, we shared some sadness about quarantine, we made plans to see them on stage when the doors are open again and I learned a new favorite phrase – violent gratitude. I think we should all get to know these folks better. Here are some places to do that:

Maybe Nebraska on Instagram and Facebook. They have started live shows on Instagram Thursdays at 8pm. This week’s theme is self care. And there’s a promise of a sugar face mask – I’m officially intrigued.

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