New MN Music Video: Night Gets Cold By Greta Ruth

Thank you to Greta Ruth For sending me her newly unveiled video for Night Gets Cold.

Greta is an experimental folk singer/songwriter from Minneapolis. The song was written and the video was planned before the quarantine. But the video was produced while sheltering in place and the original plan was modified, in a way I think it awesome.

There is a fairy tale feel to the video. As Greta put it, it’s a “dreamlike fable of encountering oneself.” Originally there were going to be two performers in the video but due to quarantine, Greta plays both roles, which make the encountering oneself more poignant. It reminds me of Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty and all of the heroines trapped in place – and I love the idea of meeting yourself in that space. It’s a timely twist.

Music video still & cinematography by Zach Waldon. Artist photo by Elena Stanton.

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