Portal iii on their new album, problematic music, renegade concerts and asking to be invited in your stay safe bubble

We had a great conversation last night with Charlie Parr, Liz Draper and Chris Gray – the members of portal iii. It was interesting to hear about their collective voyage into ambient drone music and their new album.

It’s fun to talk to people who take their music more seriously than they take themselves. Clearly they enjoy playing together and they are all in on this adventure and appreciate that ambient drone is a special genre. You don’t just put ambient on for your drive to work. But then again, most of us aren’t driving to work these days, which makes portal iii, a perfect soundtrack to the pandemic. It’s best enjoyed with intention and with some deep thinking. There’s a great reward for the challenge.

Also pleased to share a recent video. The art (by Charlie Milkey) is a great complement to the music…

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