New MN Music Video: Little Bit of Your Love by Dan Israel

Today Dan Israel releases his 16th studio album. Whoa. Social Distance Anxiety Disorder (the new album) is a perfect follow up to his last album, Social Media Anxiety Disorder. Timely and topical!

The song is surprisingly upbeat for the theme. The video has plenty of nods to being recorded during a quarantine – from the masks on video stars Dan and Rich Mattson, to the clear backdrop of a living room, a basement, and empty train track. It almost makes a pandemic seem fun – with any luck it will help us remember it more fondly than we may be living it. There are some subtle touches that make me smile too: the placement of a Tom Petty album in the background with the influence clearly heard in the soundtrack and the intentionally shaky video as a reminder that we’re all losing a little focus. But in a fun way – as least in music!

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