Mary Bue, City Pages Best Song Writer on her upcoming album and life today

I feel like if I had a beer in hand, I’d still be talking to Mary Bue about her recent accolade at City Page’s Best Song Writer, life during this strange era and the release of her upcoming album (The World is Your Lover) on August 22 (online via Sacred Heart Music in Duluth).

Mary’s music is both personal and universal. My favorite song is You Fuck Me Up. I can’t listen to it often but I feel like Mary and I may have some similar tastes in men. It’s a deeply personal song and one she’s been singing for several years. But my top song for the new album is Shit Storm, because it’s really about a different kind of love – love of Mother Nature. Mary is a thoughtful, spiritual person. That comes out in her music and conversation. The new album is interesting; there’s a continuity of theme but diversity of genre. And it features so many awesome Minnesota musicians. A tremendous showcase!

Mary is also a teacher and yoga instructor. She’s working on an online course on mantras; I’m going to try to get in on the first round of that class. She well grounded but passionate, driven but with the ability to harness downtime to her advantage. I suspect that despite her best song writer status this year, that she’s just getting going. I look forward to the show on Aug 22 and then even more curious about what comes next for her.

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