Shawn Stelton & Daryl Yankee play Don’t You Know on Quarantine Dream

We are delighted to get a chance to talk to various artists behind Quarantine Dream, a unique collaboration of Minnesota musicians to benefit for Jessa Roquet (aka Gambler’s Daughter) as she battles cancer. (We first learned about the album talking to the original instigators Ted Hajnasiewicz and Ryan Rud of Frequency Collisions.) Tonight we spoke to Shawn Stelton & Daryl Yankee.

(Big news – the album comes out tomorrow, August 7!)

We learned how the Habitat for Humanity 500 bike race fundraiser brought the musicians together about 10 years ago. With Daryl in Duluth and Shawn in the Twin Cities, the two have been doing distance collaboration since long before the pandemic. So the process wasn’t new to them.

Their song is a moving snapshot of quarantine life. The origin of the song comes out in the interview and adds a depth that makes the song even more special. It’s a very specific glimpse of one impact of quarantine living that I suspect many of us have experienced in different way. The specificity makes it feel so real.

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