MN Music Video: Queen of the Damned by Make Keene

Released in mid-November, Queen of the Damned is a new video by Make Keene as part of his Haymaker EP.

It’s an interesting mix of voodoo theme video and a rock out song – picture Pearl Jam in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Imagery is powerful and feminist and the lyrics are more femme controlled than controlling. Such an interesting mix!

The star of the video (Mariah Davis) has a commanding presence that brings the whole package together in a way that might not work otherwise. It’s on the cusp of going too far especially when Keene comes into the video but again the strength of Davis and the range of Keene’s music rope it back to plausible and acceptable. (Keene’s voice can take on a Stephin Merritt baritone.) It’s the sort of video you think about – and that in itself makes it powerful.

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