The Catalina: between albums and rocking emotions 1980s style

The Catalina released their first EP earlier this fall and they are already gearing up to start releasing new music in 2021.

James Howard and Justin Jacobs were able to join us to talk about their last album, their upcoming album, the missing The Catalina member, Adam Hepner and life in COVID limbo. They are influenced by the rockers of the 1980s, mentioning Styx and Phil Collins. Their music remembers the full production of the 80s and they are interested in keeping it full production, even if that means waiting for the right time and place to be able to perform for their fans again. Until that time, they will stay connected with their fans online. They take the time to respond to everyone who posts a comment on their social channels.

Their songs are emotional. From the highs of new love with Love Somebody to the salty breakup of Easy Drinking and the what-in-the-heck regret of Hindsight – they touch upon universal experiences by drawing from their own backgrounds and other stories. They create with their young audience in mind, with a goal of reaching to them in good times and bad. They feel like the second release will be even stronger than the first, which has enjoyed more than 130,000 streams on Spotify.

In fact, the band mentioned if you like their music and want to show some free love – follow them on Spotify and share their tunes.

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