Allie McIntosh a young talent that is poised to get bigger and brighter – soon

Allie McIntosh is a musical prodigy! We were delighted to talk to her about debut album Purgatory Rd, which was released in August (2020) and her upcoming album (Lifeline), which she’ll be recording in the studio later this week.

Allie is 14; she’s a young high school sophomore. She started her musical scholarship at age 4 after showing her natural talent on her grandmother’s piano. Soon after that she started on the violin, then viola and on. She’s amazing. Her voice is diva-worthy. And her song writing is very mature, which she credits to her classical training.

The music comes to her in strange places – like the grocery store. She works on it and then she adds the lyrics. Slower songs lend themselves to sad songs or love songs. Faster songs are open to greater interpretation. Purgatory Rd is a collection of love songs. Sounds like Lifeline will include other themes, like confidence. We can’t wait!

Allie has been taking classes at MacPhail Center for Music since she was very young. She has a family that’s very supportive. The sound engineer at the Hide Away studio (where she recorded Purgatory Rd) connected her to Lazerbeak, who subsequently has become her manager. Allie does not take these things for granted. She is pleased and genuinely grateful for all of the help.

It is fun to see how she takes her talent in stride. She talked about her experience taking part in NYU Summer Songwriters Workshop and the joy of being critiqued by her peers. That is the sign of someone whose talent and art surpass all traces of ego, someone who strives above all to get better.

Someday Heather and I are going to say, “we interview her when…” because this girl will find herself on some big stages soon.

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