Space Hug on Infamous Entertainers – a video premiering tomorrow

Tonight we got to talk to Space Hug about their upcoming video for their single Infamous Entertainers. Check out the talk (below) and check back tomorrow as we help share the music video!

Space Hug combines talents of songwriter Erik Newman (Limited Warranty) and vocalist, Adrianne Prettyman. I loved the name even before I heard the story but it is inspired by a pandemic-inspired greeting! You know – how we all carefully greet each other these days. Their space hug has an added dimension of reflecting a change in their relationship too – as they went from friends to more throughout 2020.

They have come out of 2020 as winners for sure with their music, the video and their relationship but that doesn’t mean they didn’t overcome the usual 2020 hurdles and more to get here. Infamous Entertainers celebrates a break from the bleakness of pandemic – it’s upbeat, space age, sardonic and fun. They have two other singles out (Waiting for Something and My Trip Around the Sun) that enjoy that upbeat sound with cultural observations and commentary.

We got the inside look on how they created the video. They make it look and sound easy, although the video is clearly the result of a lot of work and a lot of talent. I think the secret to success, the secret to the ease is the fun they have together. It’s heartening to see.

I have to admit that a highlight of our conversation is when Heather pulled out an autograph from Erik from 1987. She had been at a Limited Warranty show and somehow got signatures from the whole band. Impressive that she got to the band back in the day; impressive that she has saved it!

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