Christy Merry on her album release and viewing party for Here For You on Feb 5

Christy Merry is busy with her first album (Here For You) coming out on Feb 5, getting ready for a viewing party that same day and getting a book of poetry published (Before Cancer Comes for Me).

Christy’s work is intimate and intense. She bravely takes on themes of loss and grief. Have a hanky handy when you listen! But along with the sadness Christy brings redemption in camaraderie. Most clearly we hear that in Reach For Me, where reach means literary and physically try to touch but also we reach to lift. It’s a clever twist. I Wish You Tried is another tear jerker and we learned that Christy wrote the song about someone she met in a park and befriended. Someone she tried to support, tried to reach but couldn’t. Eventually, she had to sever ties or at least stop seeing that person because they have become too self-destructive. The ties are clearly still there as she implores her friend to try.

Christy worked with Matt Patrick at The Library Studio. It sounds like a real partnership with Christy bringing her songs, her gorgeous voice and ethos. Matt talked to her, heard an early demo, worked with her to help build the music to fit the song.

Christy is also working on Before Cancer Comes for Me, a collection of poems written primarily between 2012-2018 related to people in her life who have had cancer and her relationship to those people and to cancer. She writes poetry to help herself come to terms and is now publishing the poetry to help others; hoping to give voice to what others feel and open the door to help them sort out those feelings. Also proceeds from the book will support cancer patients with treatment payments.

Christy has a generosity, a deep spirituality and personable nature that comes through in her songs. They are songs that require full attention but will reward the listener with a catharsis.

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