Dan Israel on music, anxiety disorder albums and optimism in the new world

Dan Israel is releasing a new EP on February 12- it’s a clever idea of including two versions (demo and studio) of two songs – Pandemic Blues and Late at Night plus a bonus song. I love an excuse to listen even closer to a song.

Dan is a prolific writer. We last talked to him when he was releasing his penultimate album Social Media Anxiety Disorder in the actual WMCN studio! It was fun to get a chance to talk to him for a longer time about his last release Social Distance Anxiety Disorder and the upcoming EP.

Listening to Social Distance Anxiety Disorder now it’s hard to believe it was released in April 2020. It’s funny to think about what a late 2020 version of Wit’s End might sound like! But also hard to listen to Don’t Think They’ll Say, which is prescient or maybe just uber observant of what a powder key the world was before the murder of George Floyd and the insurrection at the at US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Dan is smart with astute lyrics, but he’s prepared to say he wishes he weren’t so right with Don’t Think.

The new material is sewn from seeds of 2020. Pandemic Blues the connection is clear; Late at Night was written about Dan’s new pandemic sleep patterns and the peace he finds at 3am. The pandemic has dealt had an impact on us all but Dan spoke about remaining positive. If you need a boost of optimism, be sure to check out the video for Pandemic Blues!

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