Michal Gay sings up Minnesota from the Long Cold Winter to the Good Night

Michael Gay talks about love of Minnesota and his latest (two-sided) single Long Cold Winter (and Good Night) and hints on this album he’s working on now, Make It Right.

Michael (formerly of Almighty American) decided to release this Minnesota-forward songs in tandem to help lift and celebrate Minnesota. One speaks to winter and one to summer living in the North! The songs are clever, they are positive and they sound like the old country story-telling songs I listened to from the back of the car on family road trips – think John Prine or Roy Clark. There’s a promise of a video that includes a green screen so I’m super excited to see that when it comes out. He’s also preparing to release a new album – Make It Right – hopefully next summer.

Then we got into talking about Michael’s work with Pony Rug, a tremendous resource that has created more than 100 videos of local musicians. I’ve loved the videos as a viewer. It was fun to hear the business implications of the videos from the musicians point of view. They are a great showcase of what a band can do on stage, which is often different than what the album sounds like. They are a great asset for the future, and archive of the amazing music happening in the Twin Cities. (If you haven’t seen their videos – you should check it out now!) So interesting to hear about the inner-workings of being a musician.

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