Breanne Marie talks about the Front Porch Sinners and upcoming album Juniper

Juniper, the upcoming album by Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners, comes out on February 19 with a release show on Feb 20. It’s going to be good – bring Kleenex.

Breanne talks about her new album by saying she won’t make you cry, but she’ll give you the space you need to do it if you want it. And she’s right. The album starts on a very danceable note (Central Hillside) but slides into a journey of emotions fueled by Breanne’s personal loss (her father and two brothers, one just two years ago) and the grief we’re all feeling during the pandemic. It’s a look back at a journey that you know you’re going to come through but still are touched by the ups and downs. Breanne and the band know how to get to the emotion both through the lyrics and the notes. A well placed chord here, a violin there, heartfelt guitar solo, a voice with open fragility.

Breanne was ready to go with this album (recorded with Rich Mattson) just when the pandemic hit a year ago. But the necessary delay gave her time to take a deep dive into each song. She said she’s learning to go slow and going slow has paid off. She has researched the sound she wants to capture for each song and worked with fellow musician Vicky Emerson on preproduction. The music hits as intended and it was really fun to hear how she made it happen – the magic behind the feels. The sauciness of Juniper, how Hard Times was originally written to reach her mother but spun into the song Breanne needed and the rawness of Too Tired To Cry, which she compared (in the perfect Minnesotans way) as being like when it’s too cold to snow.

There’s a lot to unpack in the album. It’s a cathartic way to tap into your own wellbeing – with the awesome safety net of good music.

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