Kung Fu Hippies on their recent video release and album in the making

A couple weeks ago, we shared Northwoods Boy, the latest video by Kung Fu Hippies, tonight we got to talk to Frank Leonovich and Brad Ray (two of the six members) about the video, their upcoming album and the sense of community they have built over the years with their fans.

The Kung Fu Hippies are 21 years old – well the band is celebrating 21 years, the band members have been around a little longer. It’s great to talk to a band that has played together for so long and to hear about the language they have between them and the lack of need for language when they play together. They clearly have fun and that fun translates to the music and to shows.

They talk about being nearly as excited to get off the stage to talk to fans/friends in the audience and getting on the stage. They have become like an extended family through gigs and campouts. And as they have been together so long, the band members and the fans have gone through changes. The 20 year-olds who got up on stage 20 years ago now have families – and so do the fans. (Rumor is Brad’s 10 year old daughter is pitch perfect and not afraid of a microphone!)

Brad mentioned that their greatest joy is bringing people together; while Frank mentions that they are simply providing the soundtrack to the night and the life of the audience.

They are in the studio recording the new album now with producer John Herchert. Many of the songs are entirely new and/or getting a new treatment in the studio. Turns out Northwoods Boy started as a 2-step Blue Grass song and it now has a more Country Americana feel. It sounds exciting to get six people (and the producer) in the room to create something that is unexpected even to them. They are taking their time with the album and thinking recording will be done mid-summer. Maybe. The focus is on doing it right. They also let slip that we may see more singles and videos sooner rather than later. SO the good news is we won’t have to wait too long to hear more.

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