Aibai’s self-titled debut EP is just the beginning

Aibai has just released her self-titled debut EP. She produces music and has a cadre of vocalists join her including Swims, Colby Hansen and Monty C.

I think we have a candidate for best pandemic success story. Aibai started playing music she was 5. A year ago she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Psychology. After graduation, a friend got her connected to music production, which actually led her to learning more via YouTube. She built up those muscles and started recording.

Aibai creates a composition and the music and often then hands that over to a vocalist to collaborate. The singers put their lyrics and voice to the music and send it back. She finishes it and they’re off. The result is a very polished nuanced sound that evokes a feeling in the listener that’s both everyday and unique. Her songs play like a soundtrack. I find them relaxing. Listening to them is like adding a spice to your meal, just makes it a little better.

Aibai looks forward to playing her music live once the world opens up a little bit. It’s the pandemic that both gave her the time to complete the EP, but also shut the door to live performances. But the time will come. In the meantime, just today she heard from a record company that wants to hear more from her based on what they have already heard. In fact, I’m pretty sure once she finished talking to us, she was right back producing something new and I suspect that something new might win her a music deal. I’m glad we had the chance to talk to her now!

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