New MN Music Video: SEASONS by Brianna Kočka

Seasons by Brianna Kočka is a soft song with a lot of lazy days feel; the video is perfect complement. The song and the video are precursors to the album, Let It Stay, coming out May 14, 2021.

The video includes public domain footage from Minnesota picnics and parades from 1948. I’m watching this as my dad is on his way to get me for out weekly clam chowder Friday. In 1948, he was 5 years ago. Watching the video reminds me of picnics with my grandparents. And it reminds of me the seasons, not of the year, but of a life. Or as the lyrics go – the seasons of loving you.

Both the music and the video are wistful and yearning. There’s a sadness to the song but the sadness of loss that underlies a rich history of joy.

I look forward to talking to Brianna about the song and the new album closer to the release.

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