New MN Music Video: Moderation by Capital Sons

Capital Sons have a new video out for Moderation on their latest EP, Tempest. (We got a chance to talk to them in January (2021).)

How long has it been since you’ve seen a band? Well, Moderation by Capital Sons gives a sneak peek of what we used to take for granted. OK, it’s more a studio performance than in stager but it’s still what we’ve all been missing.

The irony of the songs comes through in the glorious excess in the drums, vocals through a megaphone and guitar solo. It’s like having cake after a long diet to hear such full sound. Also it’s awesome to see the band interact and to have fun.

It’s such a unique time to think of moderation as we’ve all been forced into moderations of one sort or another due to the pandemic, so a song that admonishes and celebrates it takes on whole new meaning than if this had been released earlier. This song has touch of the full rock of the 1980s but the message would have been received so differently.

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