Tyler Haag on new release Aim True and upcoming show on May 14

Tyler Haag has released a new album – Aim True. It’s been eight years since his last album, he’s four years sober and somehow a pandemic spurs him to create this album of stories and feels. And it’s good!

Tyler has one of those pandemic silver lining stories that make me hate 2020 a little less. He was furloughed early in the pandemic and it turns out that pandemic restrictions were the impetus he needed to get writing again after a five year gap. He sat down and the songs came right through him. They are the stories of the last few years of his life, which included a divorce. They are autobiographical with artistic liberty.

The music is emo-alt-country. Think Drive By Truckers or Sturgill Simpson. The lyrics and clever and specific. They are words that are fun to hear and sing. They paint a picture like a video. It’s hard not to put yourself in the center of the story except the center of the story can change with the next line. He plays with perspective and ambiguity. It’s a rich, story-forward album and there’s a chance to see him play new songs live on May 14 at the Hook and Ladder for a Community Driven Country Cavalcade show. It’s a great lineup with a great cause; Community Driven is a food rescue nonprofit with that promotes local art and music.

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