New MN Music: sometimes it’s best not to pay too much attention by apocalypse l8er

Pleased to share new music (sometimes it’s best not to pay too much attention) and a brief Q&A with apocalypse l8er & Marshall Quist & Curran Birdwell.

The new music includes a static video, but that does make it easier to share. I like the lo-fi lens of their music. It emits a feeling more than a message. The music is soothing and yet warped. It’s nice for a lazy Sunday!

It was nice to learn a little but more about the duo via email:

  1. What are two things we need to know about each of you?
    We are both seniors in college, I go to St Olaf, and Curran goes to Iowa State. We are also both multi instrumentalists, with both of us singing and playing keys, while I do most of the guitar and Curran does most of the bass.
  2. How did you start playing music together?
    We started playing together in high school doing mostly rock/metal music, with my younger brother as our drummer.
  3. Where would be the best place/situation to listen to the new album?
    The best place/situation to listen to the new album would probably be outside at night!
  4. Where are the best places to find you? (Online – or off if you have any shows coming out or want to mention that you’re looking for shows.)
    Online the best place to find us in on our Instagram: @apocalypse_l8er, and we are currently collaborating remotely but will be looking to hopefully do shows around the cities this summer!

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