Free music nearly every day in Minneapolis: Music and Movies in the Parks

Still talking about free places to see music, especially outdoors in the Cities. Or in this case specifically in Minneapolis. Music and Movies in the Parks has been around since I was a kid. It’s just what is sounds like – a live band and then a movie in a park.

  • When: Nearly every night
  • Where: lots of parks in Minneapolis

I happened upon live music while walking around Lake Harriet. It was such a treat. The band was a female-forward pop rock band Postina. They were fun and the crowd was good. Lake Harriet is busy on a beautiful night, but worth it. You can bring your own food. You can get food while you’re there. And you can walk around the lake while you’re there. Of course each location is different. There was a rockabilly band playing at Minnehaha Falls at the same time. It’s usually a great event for a kids. Back in the day, I remember seeing Lizzo for free in an earlier band, The Chalice. So you just never know who you’ll see at the park.

The calendar is too much recap but you can check in out online.

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